2 Knife Disarming Techniques that Don’t Work

We are testing two knife disarming techniques that Nikita saw on YouTube. Nikita shows exactly how the techniques were taught and we tried them out.

44 thoughts on “2 Knife Disarming Techniques that Don’t Work

  1. Professor MiJ Wong says:

    Anyone that's survived edged weapons all say the same thing. It's IMPOSSIBLE to not get slashed or even stabbed in an edged weapon full blown full speed attack. It's minimizing the damage and not getting stabbed or slashed in a vital area that is the key to survival. Those who have successfully survived the attack have solid defensive wounds to the arms and hands but managed to keep the attacker from nailing them in the center vital organ area or arterial areas.

  2. MaharlikaAWA says:

    I don't know man The locks or way he grabbed looked dumb and also did not keep the knife from pointing away. So obviously they would not work.

    But keep in ind other types of locks or deflections do work and are trained in martial arts styles. Martial artists take time and effort to learn techniques by doing them over and over and over until they can do it fast, and then they do work. There is no easy way out of avoiding being stabbed. It takes skills which are only learned with hours and hours and days and years of study. Start now before you are old. Not everyone is going to let a guy go "Hey you got a fucking problem???" and walk up to him like that either. Most people are smarter and back off faster.

  3. Scott Meredith says:

    Anyone who teaches stuff that actually works will tell you no matter what your going to get cut.. but there is a difference between cut and dead.

    So if you cut and walk away then it works.

  4. Arrout says:

    I agree that some techniques are bullshit, specially because many don't involve striking, wich should be your priority.
    You don't want to grapple that much with people that have an advantage in close-quarters.
    Also, do not do techniques that involve hard training if you're not trained yourself, better to push the guy and run for it (or try something that you are trained in)
    Good video though

  5. Nabil Abdulrashid says:

    To be fair he's not the one you should test as he watched it on YouTube, you should test the guys who train a method till it's how they react.

    I was in a messy situation once and managed to pull off a technique (sort of) that I had learned in class.. was it pretty? No. Did it look like it did in class.. not really. But did it work? Yes. And only because we drilled it hundreds of times, had I seen the technique on YouTube and given it a try straight after however I probably would have been hurt.

  6. jack smith says:

    Don`t mess with some guy with a knife…just move away….you tube "Knife attack – One man stabs multiple cops, kills one"…that`s how it really goes down… it`s not a game.

  7. Mr Thule says:

    Nothing is effective as it is against someone with knife who has ability and mentality use it (except willingness to use aggression first). Different drills just give options for different positions and movements to go to. They do work, but not in the same way that training would work with something like boxing.

  8. Paul Castro says:

    I don't know that the concept behind the technique was that bad. Basically 1. trap the knife 2. move to an outside position. The problem is that you have to do 1. first. Once you trap the knife you can do something. Practicing in a force on force scenario is the only way to develop the skills for a dynamic confrontation.

  9. Jiyukan says:

    Obviously bad executed techniques usually don't work ;D a no brainer, so what did we learn? Don't try to learn stuff from youtube videos. Oooops. This is a youtube video. So we are back at square one … haha. To that guy who made the movie: obviously you don't understand that your attack was a completely different one, the "student" was "working on" ;D so thanx for wasting all our time.

  10. Dax Bradley says:

    Great video Nick, you make good points that probably save lives. I just want to point out that instructors, especially doing a quick lesson on video, probably do it slow just for the purpose of showing you what happens. Then it's on the student to have the self-discipline to practice it up to full speed until it's a motor memory. Maybe even get a friend you trust to work with like you showed here. That said, you are absolutely right, just practicing slow is a disservice, and is a bad feature in some McDojos.

  11. Michał Wodzicki says:

    Well you can't say this doesn't work if he only seen it on youtube, but great video anyway 🙂 But I agree with you that disarming attacker in a first blow with some kung fu panda techniques is probably bullshit

  12. dangkoen says:

    I think the instant you are able to trap the attacker and his weapon, start striking, one of the blows might – in a lot of cases will – stun him. It is in that moment a technique that did not work during the initial assault, – due to flight or fight response/adrenaline rush – might work now. Be it a throw, lock, disarm…

    Any thoughts?

  13. rmabgoi says:

    I prefer to move downside, to the ground level. The idea is not to stand at the radius of the knife. Most of the attackers doesn´t expect that you go downside…to the legs. Use the gravity, then…kick. Greetings to you all.

  14. megasif says:

    This is why I be telling those idiots that fighting videos are fake and they don't work. If anything, they are teaching you how to get hurt or kill. Like Mike Tyson says, everyone has a plan until they get hit…LOL.

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