2 Knife Defense Techniques That DON’T WORK

We received and interesting question from Josh on the effectiveness of two specific knife defense techniques. The first one: “Is it effective to bite the hand of an …

26 thoughts on “2 Knife Defense Techniques That DON’T WORK

  1. Naura60 says:

    Hi Nick,i've seen so many vids about how to defend against knife attack,do you have any experience regarding defending against machete/Long knife ?just out of curiousity :)…

  2. Mat Broomfield says:

    Nick, you acknowledged the danger of a nick to your carotid artery, yet you grab in a way that exposes the veins inside your wrist. Moreover, once you had the "trap" against your body, it was your single arm against his, and he doesn't even need to break free – he only needs to twist or bend his wrist. Why surrender a two to one grip for this potentially very weak trap? And that's to say nothing of him being much stronger than you.

    Usually like and agree with your stuff, but I have  very real concerns with this. You choose the two most ridiculously bad examples to criticise, but your suggestions certainly raised questions.

    I've never yet seen ANY knife defences that I think are reliable without half a decade of serious training. Most are palpably moronic.

  3. FlipFlopFrog says:

    So glad i subscribed to your channel, it's not like i really get a chance to practice these techniques much, but just having this knowledge in my head makes me feel safer.

  4. James Cody says:

    Awesome as always Nick – I'm 5'7 so most other guys are taller attackers lol I've seen many of those videos where they show that if you twist the wrist after trapping the knife the disarm will just be a matter of leverage. They always assume the opponent will be so awestruck by the technique that they will just let it happen or that the practitioner of the technique will apply it swiftly and seamlessly in a high stress, adrenaline filled situation. I applaud the fact you cut through the bs and show how the best way to survive is to keep it simple and that will be the best way to keep yourself alive.

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