28 thoughts on “18 No-Spin Knife Throwing Styles (Sicarii Knife)

  1. Jose Trigo says:

    I have learned a lot with your no spin techniques and great teachings. it does get a little easy after a while throwing it straight at your target how about at angled with with the same no spin concept.

  2. Conner Forseth says:

    Hey, your really good at no spin throwing. I struggle with no spin and can only stick it at farthest, 2 meters. Any further and it spins. Can you help me? Any tips? I tried to watch your no spin tutorial but still cant do it very well…

  3. Xolette says:

    Wow, looks like you did a lot of research.  How interesting!  I was thinking of doing a no-spin style video but only on the 3 that I know of, bo-shuriken, Fedin, and Thorn. I would've never guessed there were 18!  If I ever do make that video, I'll have to mention your video!

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