173BK Mini S.O.C.P.



New for 2019, Benchmade Knife Company’s 173BK Mini S.O.C.P. designed in collaboration with Greg Thompson.

18 thoughts on “173BK Mini S.O.C.P.

  1. jack brown says:

    i bought this model and promptly returned it and am staying with the single edged version
    loved how this one looks and the shorter length and the improved clip was a big selling point
    but the edges were dull and the blade has been shortened so much i really wonder about the effectiveness of it overall

  2. toxic boy says:

    i always carry 2 knives- regular socp dagger as a self defense knife and spyderco street beat (unfortunatelly discontinued) for general work. it makes perfect combination for me and i almost stop carrying folders, sometimes i make an exepction for my cold steel hold out 2 (another discontinued model, damn) or spyderco delica wave if i want to get really lightweight but socp is ALWAYS wth me

  3. toxic boy says:

    i would like to see benchmade doing regular socp with wider blade, blade which actually have some cutting capabilities because standard one is almost only limited for stabbing, i love almost everything about regular socp but one wth wider blade would be my dream knife. smthng like handle from socp with blade from fixed infidel. at the moment closest thing i found are zu bladeworx knives, shrapner can be quite good example…

  4. toxic boy says:

    regular socp dagger is little too short in my opinion…when it comes to self defense this knife is a joke. just imagine stabbing someone wearing leather jacket wth hoodie underneath…its more like a tactical toy than a real weapon. sorry

  5. string twister says:

    Don't panic guys bitchmade needs your money to help support liberals! Liberals who want to take your freedom away! Boycott them buy Hinderer, ZT, Kershaw, Emerson why would you even consider a bitchmade?? There poor quality at best blades off center, omega springs breaking, s30v chipping sky high prices! Now this hunk of 440 junk!

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