38 thoughts on “12 gauge Shotguns for Home Defense

  1. DragonSlayer2014 says:

    You should also mention matching the weapon to the individual. For some people the 12 GA shotgun is the worst possible choice for home defense. I was a firearms instructor for my agency for many years and I can't count how many people lost their jobs because they could not qualify with the 12 GA. The shotgun was also responsible for almost all of the injuries that we saw on the range over the years. Most of the people who could not qualify with the shotgun were either female, or males of small stature. I have seen a few people lose their jobs because they couldn't qualify with the handgun, but I have NEVER seen anyone lose their job because they could not qualify with the AR-15. For many people, I think the AR is a much better choice for home defense.

  2. George Zultanky says:

    Wow, Billy. I knew what you were saying empirically, but it's nice to hear someone credible saying it. I have #4s in the tube, #1s in the sidesaddle and low recoil 00 buck in the buttstock saddle. I can escalate if I need to. Great video, brother.

  3. M Scott says:

    Hey man love the vid. I saw the one of you and Yeager and it made me wonder. In your experience which would be a better home defense option. A basic AR, an 870 setup for hunting with the 28 inch barrel, or a full size 9mm?

  4. Daniel Suello says:

    hey billy great vid! I really liked the series you and yeager did. have you ever done ballistics tests with the managed recoil 00buck? that seemed like it patterned really well. thanks

  5. Hans Blitz says:

    Also, with some 00 and 000 at close range with cheaper loads the center of the spread can lack pellets, sometimes they're dispersed in a circle pattern, not good. With #1 or #4 there's too many pellets for that to happen, pattern is dense. Just an observation with shooting lots of stuff close range with smooth-bore.

  6. The02seta says:

    Very good, I did my own testing a couple years ago and found the #4 shot best for my needs. Results in less collateral damage yet very effective pattern (shot grouping ). Thank you

  7. cavaco87 says:

    Love your videos and matter of fact delivery. In your opinion is there a difference in shootability/recoil between 4 buck and 00 buck? Thank you again for your service and your informative videos. Keep up the good work!

  8. metaltrooper62 says:

    I have been using #4 for home defense for decades. Those videos you mentioned with James Yeager really surprised me. It was an awesome video series and I still go back and watch them every now and then.

  9. Chase Gibson says:

    Billy, do you think that what you all found about patterning of shotguns holds true for hunting purposes? For example with proper ammo selection, choke selection and patterning could a 21" barrel perform just as well bird hunting as a standard 28" barrel?

  10. Capo Jay says:

    I'm open minded to all types of ammo. I've just always assumed 00 was best since we have furniture, appliances, walls, and doors that can get in the way of our shot. I figure if a bad guy is in my pad, I want to be able to shoot through things to stop him.

  11. Kathryn Dale says:

    Thank you for returning to this very important topic. Federal makes a line of copper plated and buffered loads. I do love the 34 pellet #4 load for "breaking contact". The less deforming copper coated pellets make for better patterns and a little more penetration.

  12. James Vogel says:

    Shotgun is my weakest discipline. Didn't know that Standard and Tactical loads existed. How are the products marked to indicate Standard or Tactical? And, any recommendations? Thanking you in advance, James

  13. M85FSLUVR says:

    I suppose in places where ARs and AKs are prohibited, folks might be able to convince themselves shotguns are a viable option. Not one I'd EVER make willingly, but beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

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