10 Hollywood Knife Throwing Trick Shots (From Simple to Advanced)



10 Hollywood Knife Throwing Trick Shots (From Simple to Advanced) In this Blade Throwing Tutorial you are going to see some of my Favorite Trick Shots and …

36 thoughts on “10 Hollywood Knife Throwing Trick Shots (From Simple to Advanced)


    Hi Mr Adam , I am a new viewer but realy like your content …So I was watching the second video of a series with knives for begginers that you made a while ago and in some point you suggested that the Glock FM78 is a also a good option and I want to ask: Is there going to by any deference in performance if I use an Glock FM81 Witch it is the same thing but has an uper serated blade …Thenks for your time non the less

  2. Apologeta says:

    I just finished clearing of snow – there's about half of meter of it and it's still snowing here in Poland. But after that I prepared myself some hot chocolate and was enjoying it while whatching Your cool video so the chocolate was even better 🙂 My favourite trick was throwing the knife with Your leg, looked really cool 🙂 Greetings from Polish shuriken thrower 🙂

  3. Nico Reto says:

    Yoooo I used to watch every single one of your videos a few years ago!! I randomly came across a video of some dude throwing an axe and I thought to myself "oh damn I used to watch adam celadin all the time". So glad to see you're still uploading, brings back a lot of memories. Keep doing your thing man, much love from Argentina.

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