10 Deadliest Combat Knives In The World 2017

10. BC-41 9. Push Dagger 8. SOG Seal Knife 2000 7. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife 6. Fixation Bowie 5. LHR Combat Knife 4. Bundeswehr Advanced Combat …

32 thoughts on “10 Deadliest Combat Knives In The World 2017

  1. BLADES N' MORE says:

    This list is hardly true at all, while the M9 bayonet and the SOG SEAL knife are viable contenders you should have added a Ka-Bar it's been around before any of these has more confirmed kills

  2. Outdoors Boy says:

    I hate it when people that doesn't know anything about knives makes a stupid video. There is nothing like the most dangerous knife .
    I can stab and slash anybody with any knife.

  3. Konner Thorson says:

    Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife is probably the only one on this list that has seen any lengthy for of combat, also I can’t believe you didn’t put the 1917 trench knife or the Kabar fighting knife on this list.

  4. Ray Gun says:

    Question: Can knives be used as weapons for self defense or are they
    STRICTLY tools and should be never used in the previous intention!?
    I would love to hear the opinions of the internet …

  5. Al Dever says:

    the mk2 fighting knife(ka bar) and the kukri deserve to be on the list not half the crap they have listed, also the raider knife was made by Sikes Fairbanks but could not be mistaken for a traditional SF knife. please educate yourselves better before posting garbage like this

  6. Lord Reaper says:

    My fucking god…. one more idiot without the knowledge of what all knives TRULY ARE. Yes i'm looking at the producer of this video. Knives are first and foremost TOOLS. Yes more designs are way more effective for combat then others, but they're all tools 1st and foremost.

  7. Jake Lee says:

    m9 bayonet is made Ontario Knife Company, not smith & wesson. s&w knives are shit and so is the sog fixation. both use 7cr17 steel; cheap chinese made bullshit.

  8. T Sumner says:

    someone who has never been in hand to hand combat made this list.
    A Buck 110 has probably cut up more men than most in this list..
    It is not called A "Redneck Sabre" for nothing…

  9. GunOwnerDan says:

    Deadliest knives? Only one as far as I know has been banned for use in warfare because it's TOO deadly and strangely enough it's not even on this list. FAIL! To see the deadliest combat knife look up the US 1917 trench knife.

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