1. Koblih says:

    But the question also is, if it is always good to go against him as soon as I see him taking the knife out, because that guy might be just trying to scare me and by actually attacking him, I might provoke him into stabbing me… So I think the best option would be to just walk/run away

  2. Teejay Williams says:

    Dude I was at a house party and it kicked there was about 20 boys against 6 of my mate : of us including me do Mauy Thai together but anyway these guys starting being disrespectful so we kicked them out we was all out in the street and before I new it they all pulled machetes and knives of and we all ran but I turned down a street on my own not knowing the area while be chased by 6 or 5 boy one had a knife the rest had bats or something couldn't really see but the point is I thought I could handle any situation but once your body is in the situation you really don't know how you'll react lucky I never froze and my mine said run but from that day I realised your never safe you don't if that person in the street got a weapon on them now I got my knowledge of fight after training for seven 8 years I wanna really learn self defensive against knifes I think everyone should keep up the work been a sub for a long time even before I almost got stabbed I remember you always say if you have the chance to run just run it's not worth being stabbed and that always stayed in my mind much love from the uk nic

  3. Matheus U says:

    The funny thing about people teaching you how to avoid stabs has 100% good feedback, because all people who it didn't work dies. lol ;P
    anyway, NICK listen man your videos are good and short! EAASY to understand and you're a great teacher! Wish you were able to teach me irl, I'd love to have you as a trainer.

  4. tim gersh says:

    i know how to defend against it you pussy the fuck out, sure it might not be very cool but my ego can take a hit much better than my body. However your kinda trapped there with the knife guy your kinda out of luck and there the best move is the grab, next you just have to hope the guy with the knife is not strong enough to force you off because if he does your safety goes way down. I guess you get out of there by running forward which will make him turn to get you and than the name of the game is who can move though a tight space better and then you make the body count way to high which is best done by going into a group of people. Again which can take the blow better you or your ego

  5. G Smith says:

    NO!! BEST TIP IS TO RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Live to run another day.

    Imagine if you DO get the knife from him….
    Then you may have to stab him in defence or run anyway.

    So yeah… just fucking run.

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