Simple Fighting Tips to Help You Get Out of a Street Fight How to Punch Someone without them seeing it coming is one way to win a fight, but here’s a tip on …

36 thoughts on “1 SIMPLE TRICK that Wins Fights Fast | BEST DISTRACTION TECHNIQUE & TIPS!

  1. Icehso140 says:

    I have always been told that if I know my attacker is going to hit me, then I decide when he should hit me, and if he's not ready to hit me when I want to be hit, then very simply I win. Along the same lines as what your saying. Also, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Besides many hand positions for us to strike from can be made to look non aggressive or defensive to onlookers/witnesses. We also call your 2nd idea knocking our opponent out of time, similar to starting 2 clocks at the same time. When you cause your opponent to react by moving or striking, it's like briefly stopping his clock. Similar to being a few moves behind in a chess game. Then you use his skip in the beat, so to speak, to strike, which puts him even further out of time. pretty soon he's a few seconds out and it's checkmate…mate. Good video once again.

  2. John Rondeau says:

    How about running away if you can? Or trying to defuse your conflict by walking backwards and saying i don't want to fight.
    The only time to fight is when their is know where to run.
    When their is more then one person, or if he comes at you first.

  3. no i am gunner says:

    I once touched a guy on his eyeball throat balls kidneys short ribs by slipping along his side while he was getting in my face I just touched him did not follow through he apologized for getting in my face

  4. The frog says:

    I feel for you always some prick wanting to prove how good they are especially a student but l see you do give them a reason to think twice about attacking you.

  5. William Seery says:

    As a boxer I agree with your idea. I was always taught to not give your all with every punch. Faint your jabs open your glove but do what you gotta do to break someone's guard. Another good method is Climbing the ladder. A barrage of punches from different angles starting low and working up then back down.

  6. Mark Sanders says:

    Great Point ! I see the Wisdom in this ! Their going to hit you , so go Cobra Kai on them they’ve already accelerated the tension except legally you strikes first so you’ll be in court “ But You’re Not in The HOSPITAL “ they are ! So take the court cost in the conviction without a finding because it is self-defense the other person did bring it to you you only made them pay !

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