1 BRILLIANT Strategy to PREDICT PUNCHES Coming [This WORKS for ANYONE in Self Defence]

A simple way to think of self defence is that your attacker only has two arms! Watch: BEST WAY to SEE Punches Coming for more …

25 thoughts on “1 BRILLIANT Strategy to PREDICT PUNCHES Coming [This WORKS for ANYONE in Self Defence]

  1. Beeblebrox One says:

    A really strong guy will often just push you off your feet WITH the arm you are trying to control (by stepping forward and using his arm as a kind of battering ram) if you try to hold him by an arm. Headbutts are also a risk if you hold one or two arms of an opponent.

  2. Robert L. says:

    Can you please do a video on how to defend against low kicks(muay thai) in wing chun ? I already know about bon gerk and tan gerk.. but still do you have your take on this defense? really interested in hearing your advice.. Love your videos , Thank you for sharing

  3. Kuldip Waid says:

    Sifu do you have any videos on your approach to piston punching in the ukwckfa and some factors about using it like footwork angles flexible guard hand mun Sao shapes, do you use laan Sao or wu Sao inside gate to absorb, and do you think bong Sao can be used if opponent is high outside gate or do you prefer tan or laan, cheers sifu

  4. Divine Might says:

    Brilliant because of the simplicity. If I have to deal with an angry, confrontational individual. I am going to relax as much as possible for only then I will be able to think clearly at all. At the same time, hit with far greater power whenever I strike or kick than one who is all tensed up. Anyone can say it is impractical to do certain things, yet numerous will be incapacitated, unconscious, worst yet dead because of failure to use their mind well.

  5. Matt Nobrega says:

    This is a great video. However, what if the opponent maintains eye contact to distract you an surprises you with a knee to the groin? Now your vulnerable and it will be harder and longer to recover.

  6. mightymeatmonsta says:

    How about if you keep your hands up and in the center (not necessarily one in front of the other), so no matter which one he uses, you will catch it? But here is a trick if the person is in a fighting stance and has one arm and leg forward. Keep an eye on the lead elbow and knee. I know I've said this before, but the elbow has to move before the hand and the knee, before the foot and moves at half speed when throwing a straight punch or kick, and 1/4 speed when throwing a hook, cross or sidekick. If you concentrate on the fist or foot, it travels way too fast and you might not catch it in time. Great as always, Master! Thank you! I think you might have been hanging out with Master Wong!

  7. NathanRomml says:

    yes but he can use the other arm effectivly, think, you are using two arms to control his one arm, so you lose two, he loses one, he's in advantage, he has one arm left….you can't cover your entire body while holding his arm, you can only cover the head or the belly, he can punch you in the head or in the belly, straight or sideways, hook or uppercut, you won't know which one until it hits you….

  8. Gankster says:

    thanks for the tip, I also got a question. Most of these videos are self defence against predictable punches like hooks, but what if the attacker is a pretty trained guy himself and smacks you with a quick jab cross combo? A couple friends of mine are boxers and they said that at the beginning of their training they were told to spend most of their time on the punching bag doing nothing but the 1-2 punches to nail it down to perfection both in speed and the strength of the punches. So any tips in predicting that? Their stance maybe?

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