007KnifeTECH: Throwing the Sykes-Fairbairn–BY THE BLADE [HD]

What is the proper role of throwing knives in modern, non-linear combat: In the video above, British Commandos at …

4 thoughts on “007KnifeTECH: Throwing the Sykes-Fairbairn–BY THE BLADE [HD]

  1. 1978ajax says:

    Er, you're not supposed to throw your weapon away.
    Even if the foe is conveniently stationary at just the correct distance, impact will be hap-hazard and too light.  Not to mention that if the blade were correctly sharp, a finger or two would have gone with it.
    Movies only for this sort of thing

  2. Wolf Roman says:

    seen alot of combat.  used a knife more than once.  The FS IS NOT well designed knife for throwing.  1. you loose your knife.  2. throw anything dirt, helmet, ect while closing to killing EFA distract and get some form of advantage, close in and STICK him, any where and as fast as you can.  go for torso, belly, chest, NECK but stick and stick a lot.  Sure it looks sexy.  I spoke to a retired SgtMaj who had a Alamo Scout and a Special Forces Msgt in SEA you had team members claim 50'+ knife throw kills.  Mass + speed / distance does not support the claim.  bot killers stated that the throw was a distraction while another killer moved it for a kill.   Never ever throw away your weapon.  We proved this theory at the goat lab with FS, Kabar Randalls ect. a trained knife thrower threw the knife to kill the target.  a SF Solider stood buy the target.  gave a 10 sec post stick/hit for bleed out effect the charged the thrower.  No good, thrower f***ed.  research the old 21' LEO now 30' rule.  But on a non shoot back target, it sure looks sexy.   

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