26 thoughts on “【HD】The.Hunted.Knife.Fighting.Scene.01

  1. R. M. says:

    Del Toro is sickening lethal is this movie. Knives always scare me. The special forces made him a killing machine with a little blade. The initial scene from this movie is badass shit

  2. Psiberzerker says:

    About the only problem I have with this whole scene is the way he carries it, which is wretched for retention. Quick access, if you're standing up, but only by dropping half your guard, and he would have lost it in the sparring session before he went for it. Basically high visibility for the drawing shot, that's it. Which is sad, because this is a Commando, it should never be that visible when he pulls a knife, and you never show it to the guy you're trying to kill with it. Other than that, pretty damned near the perfect military combatives scene, and the 1 nit-pick was there for the audience. Done realistically, we wouldn't have known there even was a knife until it was buried up to the grip under his sternum.

  3. Taylor Ahern says:

    And all the time Bigfoot was watching and laughing to himself (all while muttering, in these derogatory and contemptuous tones, ""Goddamn humans.""). Any ways, what a fantastic and utterly realistic depiction of this fierce and desperate knife fight pitting the student against his mentor, two highly trained, thoroughly professional and deadly individuals.

  4. mathooper says:

    The fighting in this film for the most part is well handled, except for a couple of shots that are repeated shots, cut to make the action look quicker and faster, you can see this in the first 2 minutes of this scene.

  5. nyood mono says:

    Kali or not, these are BASIC Close Quarter Combat skills, just displayed very realistic. There are not many movies whith such realistic fighting and people who have not much knowledge or feeling for martial arts cant apreciate such quality, or one could say they cant see how pathetic fighting scenes usaly are.

  6. Nigel Sanford says:

    this movie is VERY underrated. it was one of the earliest films to feature the realistic martial art fillipino kali. a year earlier it was featured in thee bourne identity as jason bournes fighting style. really effective and cool martial art.

  7. stthomasaquarius says:

    Sorry. Have to come back to this one. It's hard to imagine a more poorly thought out movie. Find me a soldier anywhere, even one who had to use a knife to take out assassins sent to kill him, who wouldn't raid the bodies for firearms and scopes. Because he prefers to fight with a knife? Seriously? And he was right. They were trying to kill him. And the jerk LT basically blew him off when he was asking for help dealing with his demons. And do we even understand whether he actually did what he's accused of. Everything about the movie makes him sympathetic and the guys who eventually win look like assholes. And why did they win? Because our super soldier wasn't smart enough to take one of the weapons off the first two guys he kills. Or one of the pistols from the jerks in the van. Or the cop he killed. Screw this. I'm gonna go watch Man From Nowhere.

  8. stthomasaquarius says:

    My big problem is that neither of these guys look like they have a clue how to fight. Even if Matt Damon stood upright with his chin sticking out, the Jeff Imada choreography for the Bourne films was fast and tight. This is like filming real FMA's in slow motion and it's sloppy. And not sloppy like real fight sloppy. Sloppy like clueless about fighting sloppy.

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