★★★☆☆ Bowen Knife Buckle (wide) – Bowen – UPDATED review – Amazon

Instead of the above belt, I’d get something like this from Gerber: Video review. Updated review: I added another start (3/5 stars …

5 thoughts on “★★★☆☆ Bowen Knife Buckle (wide) – Bowen – UPDATED review – Amazon

  1. adam2aces says:

    I wear nothing but custom heavy metal belt buckles and no amount of "breaking in the leather" As suggested is going to fix that shoddy design. It looks like a great knife with a crap idea for deployment. The nub needs to be curved and attach to a pressure release to separate it which would resolve the belt functionality. Thanks for posting the video you saved me some money.

  2. Kid Vixen12 says:

    hahahhaa i would love to see you in a fight. Man encounters you . step 1 you look like your taking your pants off by undoing your belt . 2 Man knocks you out and takes everything. 3 Your knocked out looking like a rape victim lmao ! …dude just get a OTF or Gerber belt buckle knife =^_^=

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